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Cabinet Drawers

We have been doing cabinet makeovers for many years. One of the most desired parts of the makeover process is to pay attention to the INSIDE.  Functionality IS super important.  Many times We go into a customer's home and are shocked at the miserable condition their drawers are in. 

If the house is older than 20 years it is quite possible that you have been putting up with slow gliding, stuck or misaligned drawers.  Sometimes the contents of the drawer can fall out onto the floor.

Most Drawers are made with cheap materials like...particle board...terrible stuff. They are NOT made of real wood.

Cabinet drawers from AMERICAN DRAWER Company are made with wood and are high quality.  The Slides that are part of the product are heavy duty and provide a  FULL Extension feature. That means you can pull them out all the way without falling on the floor.

  • Boxes are real wood and won't fall apart

  • Glides are smooth and Soft Close with self-closing feature

  • Full Extension Feature

  • Rated for 80 pounds

Ask about our DIY (do it yourself) discount programs.

American Drawer  New Cabinet Drawers Full Extension
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