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Cabinet Pull Out Drawers

Whether you have old tired cabinets or new cabinets without extra features,  you should definitely choose new smooth sliding roll out/pull out drawers.  Sometimes shelves hide stuff and its such a hassle to get down on your hands and knees to reach for items in the back of the cabinet. 

Just pull out the drawer and it acts like a moving shelf to have full access of the items in your lower cabinets

Cabinet pull out drawers from AMERICAN DRAWER are made with wood and are high quality.  The Slides that are part of the product are heavy duty and provide a  FULL Extension feature. That means you can pull them out all the way without falling on the floor.

  • Boxes are real wood and won't fall apart

  • Glides are smooth and Soft Close with self-closing feature

  • Full Extension Feature

  • Rated for 80 pounds

Ask about our DIY (do it yourself) discount programs.

US DRAWER Pantry Pull Out Drawers
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